Free, program your remote

                                    Nissan Skyline 2002-2006


CLOSE all doors and LOCK them using the LOCK button on the door.


INSERT and REMOVE key from the ignition between 7 and 10 times until the hazard lights FLASH.


INSERT key into ignition and turn to ACC position.


The system is now in programming mode, and all existing remote transmitters are erased.


PRESS the LOCK button on the remote transmitter.


The hazard lights will FLASH once.


If additional remote transmitters are required, UNLOCK and LOCK the doors using the power LOCK button on the door.


PRESS the LOCK button on the next remote transmitter to be programmed.


Repeat step 7 and 8 for additional remote transmitters.


REMOVE key from ignition.


UNLOCK, OPEN and CLOSE drivers side door.


Check all remote transmitters for operation.


NOTE : Maximum 4 remote transmitters can be programmed.