Free, program your remote

                                        Land Rover Defender 1993-1995



NOTE: Two people are required and alarm must be in disarmed state.


Open bonnet, depress bonnet switch.


Then get into the vehicle and shut door. DO NOT LOCK, ignition OFF.


NOTE : Carry out steps 3 to 9 within 5 seconds (faster the better).


Switch ignition ON.


Switch ignition OFF.


Lock doors (using sill buttons).


Unlock doors (using sill buttons).


Release bonnet switch.


Switch ignition ON.


Switch ignition OFF.


NOTE : If alarm is correctly in program mode, horn will sound and LED will light. It is now possible to program the new remote transmitter.


NOTE: A maximum of two remote transmitters can be programmed.


NOTE : Carry out instructions 10 to 12 within 2 minutes.


PRESS and HOLD down button on first remote transmitter until dashboard LED flashes.


Repeat step 10 for second remote transmitter.


The LED will extinguish if both handsets have been programmed correctly.


NOTE: If only one handset is programmed after step 10 turn ignition ON and OFF to end programming.