Free, program your remote

                                       Ford Mondeo MK1 1993-1996



NOTE : Maximum of 4 remote transmitters can be programmed.


Switch ignition to position


Wait for PATS LED in the to light.


Within 5 seconds switch ignition to position 0 the LED will remain ON.


NOTE : The system is now in programming mode, and you have 20 seconds to program all remote transmitters.


Remove key from ignition and point towards the front receivers.


PRESS and HOLD the any button on the remote transmitter keep HOLDING.


Keep holding until the LED on the remote transmitter lights up, and then PRESS the other button 5


Release both buttons while still pointing at the receiver.


The LED on the remote transmitter should both FLASH 5 to confirm programming is complete.


Repeat steps 5 to 8 for any additional remote transmitters.


Switch ignition to position II then to 0 to exit programming mode.


Check all transmitters for operation.