Free, program your remote

                                              Mazda 323 1998-2003




OPEN driver side door and leave OPEN.


LOCK and UNLOCK the drivers door using the power door lock switch on the door.


INSERT key into the ignition.


SWITCH ignition to ON position and return to LOCK position 3 times within 10 seconds. LEAVE key in the ignition.


CLOSE and OPEN the drivers door 3 times. Leave door OPEN after this step.


The  doors should LOCK and UNLOCK or a CHIME/BUZZ will be heard.


NOTE : If you do not hear anything or the doors do not unlock, wait 1 minute and repeat step 5.


PRESS ANY button on remote transmitter to be programmed 2 times. Doors should LOCK and UNLOCK.


For additional remotes transmitters repeat Step 7.


NOTE : If you only have 1 or 2 remote transmitters then program the same transmitter 2 or 3 times to fill memory and ensure all existing remote transmitters are erased.


OPEN the drivers door one time and the ECU will respond with 2 CHIME/BUZZ noises or 2 door LOCKS and UNLOCKS to confirm programming.


NOTE : Maximum 3 remotes.