Free, program your remote

                               Volkswagen Sharan 1996-2002



NOTE : Make sure all doors and windows are closed.


TURN the driver's door lock to the right 3 times within 5 seconds, pausing for at least 1/2 a second each time.


The drivers door LED will illuminate.


PRESS and HOLD the remote transmitter UNLOCK button and then PRESS the LOCK button 3


Release both buttons.


The RED LED on the key should flash 5 times.


Central locking will cycle to show remote transmitter has been programmed.




Complete the following within 30


Switch the ignition ON with a second key.


Manually LOCK the drivers door with the remote transmitter.


PRESS and HOLD the UNLOCK button whilst manually UNLOCKING the drivers door.


RELEASE the UNLOCK button and remove the key from the drivers door.


Switch the ignition OFF and remove the key.


Test the remote transmitter for operation.