Free, program your remote

                     BMW 3 SERIES   1998 > 2006

  1. Maximum 4 Remotes
  2. FZV Diamond shape keys


FZV Remote Diamond Shape Keys


NOTE : Up to 4 remote keys can be initialized. They must be initialized at the same time. Key

initialisation is only possible with the vehicle unlocked.


CLOSE all doors and have all keys available.


Using key number 1, turn the ignition switch to ON, then switch off within 5 seconds and remove the first key.


NOTE : Some models only require the ignition to be turned to position I (Accessory), please try this if this procedure fails to work.


Within 30 seconds of turning the ignition switch to OFF PRESS and HOLD the UNLOCK button.


While holding the UNLOCK button, press and release the BMW LOGO button 3 times within 10 seconds.


RELEASE both buttons. The vehicle will LOCK and UNLOCK the doors signaling a successful programming.


If additional keys need to be programmed repeat steps 3 - 5 within 30 seconds.


Switching the ignition ON completes the initialization.