Free, program your remote

                                             Honda Integra 1994-1996


NOTE : This system enables 4 remote transmitters to be programmed. When a 5th remote transmitter is programmed the 1st remote transmitter is erased and replaced with the new one. To remove all programmed remote transmitters from memory you must program a new remote transmitter in 4 times.


Switch ignition to ON.


PRESS and HOLD the VALET-DISARM button on the dashboard/instrument cluster lower panel.


The LED on the top of steering column will FLASH when in programming mode.


PRESS the LOCK button on the remote transmitter to be programmed.


The parking lights will FLASH to confirm programming.


Repeat steps 4 and 5 for any additional remote transmitters.


RELEASE the VALET-DISARM button to exit programming mode.


Check all remote transmitters for operation.